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Reviews are our bread and butter here at Elite Bastards. Here you'll find reviews on myriad different products. Feel free to navigate through them or use the search page in the menu to find something specific. You can also use the title filter once you've clicked on a category below. Enjoy!
  • Audio devices   ( 17 Articles )
    Reviews of sound cards, speakers and MP3 players, with a focus on audio quality.
  • Cases and chassis'   ( 6 Articles )
    Reviews of system chassis' and cases, taking in features, ease of use and performance.
  • CPUs and processors   ( 6 Articles )
    Reviews of CPUs, covering standard performance benchmarks as well as overclocking value. You'll also find a wealth of technical data and commentary.
  • Cooling solutions   ( 40 Articles )
    Cooling solutions for every aspect of your PC, from CPU to GPU and beyond, measuring performance, temperatures and noise levels.
  • Graphics boards and GPUs   ( 114 Articles )
    Reviews of all the latest graphics boards and architectures, including gaming performance, power, noise and temperature data as well as information on the specifics of each card reviewed.
  • Input devices   ( 6 Articles )
    Keyboards, mice and other miscellaneous input device reviews can be found here.
  • Memory   ( 2 Articles )
    Reviews of system memory, focusing on price and performance.
  • Motherboards   ( 24 Articles )
    In our motherboard reviews we provide an exhaustive benchmark suite to test the motherboard in question and also detail particulars of the motherboard that you might want to know more about. This suite comes from a power user and gaming perspective.
  • Mobile and communications   ( 4 Articles )
    Reviews of communications devices such as routers and networking equipment, as well as mobile devices such as smartphones.
  • Power supplies   ( 10 Articles )
    Reviews of Power Supply Units, investigating features and connectivity as well as discussing performance.
  • Storage   ( 18 Articles )
    Reviews of storage technologies, from mechanical hard drives to SSDs and Network Attached Storage to USB flash drives.
  • Systems   ( 5 Articles )
    Comprehensive reviews of desktop, notebook and netbook systems, as well as games consoles.
  • Software Reviews   ( 12 Articles )
    These articles cover a variety of different software. While not our biggest priority, there are some valuable insights in our software reviews.
  • Game Reviews   ( 13 Articles )
    Our game reviews section is getting back on it's feet and we hope to introduce many more articles in the coming months. Stay tuned to this category!
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