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Written by Hanners   
Thursday, 17 September 2009 00:00
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Biostar TPower I55 motherboard review
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Biostar TPower I55
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Biostar TPower I55 motherboard review

It was a long time coming as Intel held off its launch for as long as possible to clear their old inventories, but last week finally saw Intel's "Lynnfield"-based CPUs hit retail shelves with a bang, as they proved themselves to be very much worthy of consideration for anyone looking for a new mainstream CPU with top-notch performance and functionality.

Of course, last week's launch has also meant a veritable raft of motherboards based around Intel's new P55 chipset and LGA 1156 socket making an appearance, and indeed a small flood of such motherboards of all shapes and sizes have found themselves crashing their way into the Elite Bastards review dungeon.  With Intel's LGA 1366 socket (and thus also their X58 motherboard chipset) now only the preserve of the richest enthusiasts going forward, we're left with plenty of room for motherboard manufacturers to explore a wide range of price points and configurations centred around P55, and indeed that's exactly what they're doing, targeting small, cheap micro-ATX parts on the one hand through to more full-on, enthusiast oriented boards on the other.

The subject of today's review looks to take its place in the latter half of that market, putting together a rich feature set on a standard ATX motherboard in the hope of luring enthusiasts happy to spend in the region of £150 on such a part their way.  The motherboard in question comes from Biostar, with the latest offering in their TPower range bearing the I55 moniker.  Can it take on the enthusiast motherboard market and win?  We take a look to find out.

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