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Written by Hanners   
Tuesday, 08 September 2009 00:01
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Intel Core i5 750 CPU review
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Intel Core i5 750 CPU review

Although it was less than a year ago, it somehow feels like an age since Intel's Nehalem architecture hit the desktop market in the form of their Core i7 range of CPUs.  Needless to say, there was a lot to like about what Intel brought to the table in terms of both evolving their CPU architecture as well as pure performance, and ever since its launch many, many PC users have been waiting for this architecture to trickle down into the mainstream market, replacing the already impressive Core 2 series of CPUs.

After a few delays and setbacks while Intel looked to clear out their Core 2 inventory, Nehalem is finally here with a mainstream makeover under the codename of "Lynnfield" beneath the slightly more confusing nomenclature of both Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs that Intel have chosen to use for this new platform and socket type.

So, what does Lynnfield bring to the table in terms of features, functionality and performance?  To coincide with the official launch of this new architecture, we'll be taking a look at Intel's new Core i5 750 CPU (which may well prove to be a real winner in price/performance terms), as well as examining the new P55 chipset on which these CPUs will reside in a seperate review dealing with ASUS P755D motherboard.  For now though, let's talk Lynnfield, to see how it differs from Intel's high-end Nehalem architecture.

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