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What's the best way to earn the title of a truly "Elite Bastard"?

Simple, just take a quick stroll over to Xoxide.com and pick up some of the latest and greatest gaming gear that will have your less deserved gamer friends drooling with envy. At Xoxide, you'll find the hottest collection of gaming peripherals, modding supplies, and PC Cases that you'll find anywhere on the web.

Best of all, the incredible selection of products you'll find at Xoxide even come with guaranteed Same Day Shipping, allowing you to show off your new toys in a timely fashion. If you're proud to be one hell of an elitist bastard who wants nothing but the best for their PC, Xoxide is more than happy to serve your needs.

Computer LED Lighting

Trick Out Your PC With the Hottest Computer LED Lighting on the Market

Sure, we could ramble on about how integral proper lighting is within your PC system, but let's face the facts...that's simply not the case. There's one outstanding reason to buy computer LED lighting. It looks cool, dammit! Available in a variety of fans, lasers, and mods, Xoxide's got the computer LED lighting you need in a wide assortment of the colors to make your PC stand out amongst the crowd.

Liquid Cooling

Experience a Liquid Cooling System So Good It Will Give You Chills.

If you're looking to maximize the potential of your PC, converting your case to a liquid cooling system is a pretty good way to start. These kits have the ability to drop the temperature of your computer system and dramatically increase its performance. Available from Thermaltake, Silverstone, and Zalman, Xoxide proudly boasts some of the best cooling systems on the market.

SATA cables

Got Some New Gear? Hook It Up with SATA Cables from Xoxide.

Do you find yourself worrying about PC power loss more than you probably should? If you're the proud owner of new SATA hard drive, that's about to become a thing of the past. Available in a variety of lengths and UV reactive colors, Xoxide's got the SATA cable you need to get your new component up and running. In addition, you'll also find a wide variety of SATA adapters for your older power supplies.

Cooling Fans

Don't Be Such a Bastard To Your PC. Pick Up Some Cooling Fans Today.

If you're an elitist gamer that likes to overclock your PC to its breaking point, you better be seriously prepared for a potential crash and burn. However, by simply purchasing a few cooling fans, you can avoid these unwanted overheats and shut-downs and ensure that your gaming rig stays at an ideal temperature. Xoxide offers a wide variety of cooling fans, available in all the colors and sizes for your unique customization.

80mm Case Fans

Experience the Perfect Cool with 80mm Case Fans from Xoxide.

One of the most popular can fan sizes on the market, there's a high probability that an 80mm case fan is an ideal fit for your PC. At Xoxide, you'll find an ecletic mix of 80mm case fans available in a variety of bold colors and illuminated LEDs. Xoxide offers a great selection of 80mm fans at some of the best prices on the web, so you can even pick up a few spares without breaking the bank.

Fan Controllers

Feeling a Little God-Like? Control the Winds with a Fan Controller.

If you often fluctuate between hardcore gaming and surfing the net, it's probably in your best interest to self-regulate your cooling system. Harness the power of PC winds with a fan controller from Xoxide. Simply adjust the fan speed to correlate with your onscreen activities and you're good to go! Available in both 3.5 and 5.25"sizes, finding a fan controller that's the perfect fit for your system should be a breeze.

Computer Towers

Reach New Heights of Cool with a Computer Tower from Xoxide.

Does your PC need that little something extra to make it the ultimate gaming system? You're in luck. At Xoxide, you'll find the perfect computer tower for your PC. Here, you'll discover a selection of some of the biggest names in the business, such as Lian Li, Apevia and Silverstone. Their impressive computer tower collection includes a number of different colors, sizes, and functionality, one of which is sure to be the perfect addition to your PC.

ATX Power Supplies

Bring Out the Potential of Your PC with an ATX Power Supply.

A tried and true industry standard amongst the overclocking community, ATX is the ideal form factor for customizing your personal gaming rig. If you're ready to kick things up a notch with an ATX power supply, Xoxide has the perfect selection of trusted name brands such as Lian Li, Zalman, and Apevia. Now load up some kick-ass components and see what that puppy can do!

ATX Cases

Ravish Your PC in the Unrequited Beauty of an ATX Case

The long-standing form factor for the serious modder, an ATX case from Xoxide is a great way to show off your overclocking abilities and prove just how much potential your PC is capable of. Offering a great selection of both ATX and Micro-ATX cases, Xoxide is the premier destination to help you achieve the specific design and functionality you've been looking to add to your PC.

Full Tower Cases

Want To Seriously Deck Out Your PC? Pick Up a Full Tower Case.

Are you into the tall, drop-dead gorgeous type? If so, then we have a great selection of full tower cases to accommodate your specific PC wants and needs. Xoxide is sure to have the full tower case you've been looking for, carrying a wide variety of models from Lian Li, Sunbeam, and Thermaltake. Just be prepared, a full tower case is guaranteed to hold more peripherals and assorted components than you'll know what to do with.


Protect Your PC from that Inevitable Crash with a new Heatsink.

Plan on modding your PC out with the latest LEDs, cold cathodes, and overclocking components? Be careful, because your PC is sure to become an easy target for a system crash. Thankfully, a heatsink will help ensure that even a heavily-modded PC will run smooth. Whether you're running an AMD or an Intel Processor, Xoxide's got a huge selection of specific models for nearly every motherboard configuration.

Thermal Compound

Make Your CPU Cooler a Much Happier Component. Use a Thermal Compound.

If you're an overclocker, you may or may not be aware of the tremendous amount of stress that you put on your CPU cooling system. Using a high quality thermal compound from Xoxide, you can help ease the tension by allowing your heatsink to evacuate heat from the core in a more effective manner. This process will result in your PC experiencing lower temperatures at idle and load, which is a very good thing.

Flexible Keyboards

Unwravel Your Online Weaponry and Unleash the Power of a Flexible Keyboard.

For the gamer on the go, sometimes you need a durable, travel-ready peripheral to lug along to the weekly LAN Party. In these situations, a flexible keyboard makes for an ideal weapon of choice. Thankfully, Xoxide provides a variety of flexible keyboards that you can roll up and take just about anywhere. Just not on the toilet, OK? That's just unsanitary.

USB Headsets

Bark Commands with Clarity using a USB Headset

Unless you like wandering off into enemy fire while your teammates seek refuge, it's probably a good idea to look into purchasing a USB headset. The selection of headsets available at Xoxide will help you keep fully updated and in close contact with your fellow soldiers. Featuring high-quality sound and voice recognition, these superior devices are sure to get you and your teammates out of the most hellish of virtual environments.

Razer Copperhead

Sink Your Teeth Deep into Your Opponents with the Razer Copperhead Mouse.

Designed to give you an extra advantage in even the most hostile of online environments, the Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse boasts a 2000 DPI Laser Optical Engine that's sure to deliver an ultra-smooth, ultra-sensitive performance. Fully customizable, the Mouse even comes with seven hyper-responsive programmable buttons. Available in Anarchy Red, Chaos Green, or Tempest Blue, Xoxide is sure to have the perfect color to slither its way into your gaming collection.

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