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Written by Hanners   
Sunday, 11 February 2007 12:40

GeminII – the Most Effective Mainboard and CPU Cooler

Taipei, Taiwan (Tech Messenger) -- With the up and coming Windows Vista trend, high performance video cards have become hot essentials. However the advanced operating system comes with overheating, which is a strain on your hardware. Cooler Master has predicted this problem and developed an all around cooling solution that will remedy the heat problem and eliminate the noise problem.

Cooler Master’s newest Cooler Innovation, GeminII, is the world’s first Main Board and CPU cooler. GeminII’s thoughtful design creates high cooling performances due to its excellent heat transport ability and superior heat dissipation ability. Now you can enjoy all the benefits from Windows Vista with ease.

How does GeminII cool the Main board? GeminII’s pure copper base and 6 heat pipes effectively draws heat away from CPU and direct them to the aluminum heatsink. The unique mechanical design allows for two 120mm fans to be mounted to the surface. The fans draw cool air from above and direct airflow downwards, cooling the Main Board in multi-directions. Cooling the Main Board is necessary due to the VRM and Chipset/GPU generating major heat.

You have the option to choose fans that have the best silent performance and you can decide whether to mount 1 or 2 fans to suit your needs. The adjustable bracket design permits flexible positioning and decrease interference. GeminII’s universal design is compatible with AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core and Intel Core 2 Duo/Extreme/Quad. With GeminII’s silent operation, excellent cooling ability and price performance, choosing GeminII is the smartest choice of the year.

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