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Written by digitalwanderer   
Tuesday, 06 November 2012 14:40

Pict of Unusual Heroes logo

My buddy Deano has a new kickstarter up for a game called "Unusual Heroes", which he describes briefly as the following:

A sci-fi RPG with XCOM/Syndicate like combat. Three unusual heroes and a dog, use skills and tech implants to survive in an alien world

I don't know if y'all know Deano Calver or not; but he's been involved in a few games like Brink, Heavenly Sword, Sudeki, Silent Hill 2 PC, and Dreamland Chronicles : Freedom Ridge.  And not just involved, but worked on in senior or lead positions.  He's also a hell of a nice fellow who's not afraid to wear a tinfoil hat with a cat or two, I very much approve/love the guy.

I'd love to see this game idea of his come to fruition, if anyone can do anything to help or just to spread the word it'll be greatly appreciated.  (And don't worry, I'm already bugging him about getting rid of rewarding the dog by giving it chocolate...he's a cat person, he didn't know!)

Please check it out and support it in any way you can, we need more unique games like this!

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