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Written by Hanners   
Tuesday, 16 August 2011 07:21

We've heard Intel talking about plans for software upgradeable CPUs before, but now it appears that they're going to be putting that plan into action with a trio of their Sandy Bridge parts.

Intel has released new details on a series of Sandy Bridge CPUs that will be upgradeable via software. Three models are eligible. On the desktop, the Core i3-2102 and Pentium G622 can be transformed into the i3-2153 and G693, respectively. Notebook users with a Core i3-2312M will be able to turn it into an i3-2393M.

Intel indicates that upgrading the two desktop CPUs will give users a clock speed boost, while the notebook chip gets a higher clock speed and additional cache. There are no specifics on the magnitude of those changes, though. Instead of revealing the specifications of the upgraded CPUs, Intel has instead released a series of benchmark results illustrating performance gains across multiple benchmarks and applications. The numbers show performance improving by 10-23%, so we're talking about more than just a few MHz.

The cost of each upgrade hasn't been released, but the FAQ includes a few notable details. Windows 7 is the only operating system that's supported, and only "select" systems will be allowed to participate. It looks like the upgrades will be tied to a system's motherboard, too. The FAQ mentions that upgrades will have to be reactivated if there's a mobo swap.

The Tech Report has the news.

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