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Written by Hanners   
Tuesday, 01 December 2009 00:00
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Cryo Quad desktop system review
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Cryo Quad desktop system review

Building yourself a brand new system from the ground-up with the components of your choice can be a fantastic and fun experience, and for enthusiasts in particular it remains the way to provide yourself with a state of the art system to match your needs.  However, not everybody has the time and inclination to build a PC for themselves, and this becomes even more true if you want to eke every last penny of performance out of a new system via overclocking, which can be a dark art at the best of times unless you're well read with plenty of experience on how to tweak and tinker with settings on the latest hardware.

If you count amongst that not inconsiderable number who want to get the absolute maximum out of their system without losing days of their time (and several sleepless nights most likely) to doing so, the obvious answer is to find yourself a company who will do all the work for you.  Enter Cryo PC, a relative newcomer to the UK system builder market who, as the name suggests, focus on offering high performance systems in a variety of configurations from Small Form Factor PCs through to phase change cooling behemoths, all of which are offered up with plenty of hardware choices to give you a say when it comes to the exact needs of your particular configuration.

To get a taste of the Cryo PC experience, today we'll be taking a look at a system built from components based around Cryo's "Quad" range, which as the name suggests focuses around the provision of a high-performance quad-core PC, with starting prices a shade under £1,000 here in the UK.

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