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Written by Hanners   
Monday, 23 November 2009 00:00
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ASUS P7H57D-V EVO: First look in pictures

ASUS P7H57D-V EVO: First look in pictures

While Intel's latest LGA 1156 socket is now well-entrenched since the launch of the company's Core i5 CPUs earlier this year, bringing with it the P55 motherboard chipset, that doesn't mean that this is the last new chipset we'll be seeing for the time being.  Far from it in fact, as early in 2010 should bring us the final piece in Intel's "Nehalem" puzzle with the release of 32 nanometre Core i3 CPUs, aiming towards the value market while also proving to be the first processors to feature an on-chip graphics core - A fascinating proposition for anyone not worried about 3D gaming performance.

Although some P55 chipset motherboards might well worth with these new CPUs, to make full use of a Core i3 part (integrated graphics included) requires a new motherboard chipset, and that will come alongside the Core i3 launch in the form of the H55 and H57 chipsets, with the latter providing on-board video outputs.

While the availability of these parts is still a way off, today ASUS have given us an early look at one of their H57-sporting motherboards, in the form of the P7H57D-V EVO.  Read on to find out what ASUS intends to bring to this section of the motherboard market.

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