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Written by Hanners   
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 01:00
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Cyberlink MediaShow Espresso review
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Cyberlink MediaShow Espresso review

I remember the days when converting video from one format to another was something of an arcane art, the kind of thing your less technically-inclined friends used to come and ask you to do, burned CD in hand.  They then used to sit and marvel as you laid out the appropriate runes and began your incantations... "How does he know this stuff?" you could hear them muttering over the cries of the human sacrifice you were about to make to the ancient god, Codec.

However, creating, editing and converting video yourself is no longer a niche market, and modern technology has left users demanding to have their videos available to them everywhere - On their PC, shared online with others via YouTube, on their portable media players, and on their consoles.  These requirements have seen myriad applications spring up to assist with transcoding and converting these videos to fit all of these varied formats, and today we'll be looking at one of the latest to stick its head above the proverbial parapet - Cyberlink's MediaShow Espresso.

There can be no doubt that Cyberlink have often been up their when it comes to filling video-related requirements, from DVD and Blu-Ray playback through to video editing, and now video transcoding.  Cyberlink have also been quick to pick up on the benefits of GPU-assistance when it comes to work on video, and thus MediaShow Espresso is the first video transcoding application we've seen to boast support for both NVIDIA's CUDA and AMD's Stream technologies.

So, how well does MediaShow Espresso work as an application, and how quickly can it transcode video using both a power CPU and GPU acceleration?  Well, that's just what we're here to find out.

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