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Written by Hanners   
Monday, 08 September 2008 01:00
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Foxconn DigitaLife ELA motherboard review
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Foxconn DigitaLife ELA motherboard
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Foxconn DigitaLife ELA motherboard review

Intel's P45 chipset is now well-entrenched as the mainstream chipset of choice for anyone looking to build up a system utilising Intel's Core 2 range of processors, and this will remain the case even as Nehalem and its own X58 chipset will start to make in-roads into the high-end desktop PC market in the coming months.  Overall though, we haven't seen anything particularly out of the ordinary when it comes to solutions which leverage this chipset, beyond the usual attempts to offer more overclocking options and the like.

However, the subject of today's review looks to change this - Foxconn's DigitaLife ELA motherboard is attempting to differentiate itself from the pack based more on its feature set than any number of BIOS options, and indeed does succeed in bringing some interesting additions to the table in hardware terms.  So, do those additions make the ELA a purchase worthy of consideration?  Let's move on to the review itself, and take a look at how it stacks up.

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