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Written by Hanners   
Tuesday, 19 August 2008 18:44
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Cooler Master UCP 1100W power supply review
Cooler Master UCP 1100W& power supply&heading=Cooler Master UCP 1100W power supply
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Cooler Master UCP 1100W power supply review

The last time we reviewed a power supply with a four-figure Wattage rating a little over a year ago, we made plenty of comments about how no system at that time would ever require that kind of power output.  While that kind of statement still broadly holds true for the majority of users, once you reach the cutting edge of the enthusiast market all of a sudden having a Kilowatt of power at your disposal doesn't seem quite so ridiculous, between Intel Skulltrail systems, NVIDIA's 3-way and Quad-SLI, and AMD's CrossFireX multi-GPU solution, all of which come with pretty hefty power requirements.

Today, we're taking a look at the latest high-end power supply from Cooler Master, which offers up a whopping 1100 Watts at the top of its UCP, or Ultimate Circuit Protection range.  Dropping around £200 on a power supply will undoubtedly leave any user with some pretty high expectations about the product they're purchasing, so join us as we put the UCP 1100W through its paces to see if it can live up to those demands.

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