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Written by Hanners   
Tuesday, 20 May 2008 01:00
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Intel P45 chipset - ASUS P5Q Pro motherboard preview
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Intel P45 chipset - ASUS P5Q Pro motherboard preview

While Intel's high-end X38 chipset found itself quickly replaced by X48 (despite the latter's numerous delays while motherboard manufacturers cleared their large X38 chip inventories), in the mid-range the P35 chipset has reigned supreme for quite a while now... At least until the beginning of June that is, when it will finally find itself usurped by its natural successor, P45.

Despite holding a codename that will strike fear into the hearts of the average working British citizen, we've managed to grab an early look at this particular architecture prior to its launch, thanks to the good people at ASUS.  Rather than focus more towards the higher end of P45 offerings from ASUS, we've opted to take a look at the cheaper, DDR2 sporting P5Q Pro, a natural successor to the P35-based P5K Pro part we reviewed back in January.

Considering that this is probably the last Intel chipset launch we'll see before the company's Nehalem CPU architecture brings some big changes, what does it bring to the table, and can it prove a worthy successor to P35?  We take a look, as well as outlining some of the other improvements brought to bear by ASUS themselves that directly relate to the P5Q Pro.

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