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Written by Hanners   
Monday, 20 August 2007 01:00
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ASUS EN8600GT Silent video card review
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ASUS EN8600GT Silent&heading=ASUS EN8600GT Silent
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ASUS EN8600GT Silent video card review

After taking a look at ASUS' passively cooled EN8600GTS Silent board a few weeks ago, today we turn our attentions to a somewhat more demure, streamlined board from ASUS, again based around a silent cooling solution.

Thanks to its lower clock speeds, the EN8600GT has no need for the massive heatsink utilised by its bigger brother, and thus offers a far more compact graphics board all-in-all.  But just how well does it perform for its price point?  As usual, we put our review sample through its paces in a plethora of tests to find out.

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