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Written by Hanners   
Tuesday, 26 June 2007 01:00
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Auzentech X-Tension DIN review
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Auzentech X-Tension DIN
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Auzentech X-Tension DIN review

When we reviewed Auzentech's X-Meridian sound card at the turn of the year we were, quite simply, mightily impressed.  Although there are now a myriad of boards featuring CMI's 'Oxygen HD' CMI8788 audio processor on the market, none could match the X-Meridian's outstanding audio quality.

Since then, times have gotten even more exciting for Auzentech, with the announcement that they will be the first third-party manufacturer to make use of Creative Labs' X-Fi technology, which we should be seeing in the form of their 'Prelude' part in the coming months, bringing Dolby Digital Live and DTS functionality where Creative's own boards lack it.

The other intriguing item on Auzentech's agenda is the potential for additional expandability for their X-Meridian and X-Fi Prelude parts, made available via a header on the sound card to which a daughterboard can be connected.  At the time of our X-Meridian review, we made mention of Auzentech's plans to make use of this functionality and now, finally, the add-on board which expands the abilities of the X-Meridian (and indeed Prelude once it hits the market) has landed on our desk.

"What more can this daughterboard possibly add to the rich functionality of the X-Meridian?" I hear you cry.  Let's take a look and see what the X-Tension DIN (for that is the name of this expansion board) brings to the table.

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