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Written by Hanners   
Thursday, 21 June 2007 01:00
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ASUS Arctic Square CPU cooler review
ASUS Arctic Square CPU cooler review&heading=ASUS Arctic Square CPU cooler
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ASUS Arctic Square CPU cooler review

I've made my displeasure with Intel's stock Core 2 Duo CPU cooler known during reviews here in the past (its performance isn't great, it's borderline lethal when running to roaming fingers, and worst of all it can be a complete nightmare to install), and I make no apologies for doing so once again here.  Quite simply, I don't like it, and I do whatever I can to avoid having to use said cooler whenever possible.

Thankfully, this isn't a particularly difficult task these days, thanks to the plethora of aftermarket Socket LGA775 coolers for Intel's Core 2 CPUs on the market.  Most of them tend to offer broadly the same improvements over a stock part - Lower noise, coupled with better cooling performance, a tempting duo if I ever I saw one.

The subject of today's review is from a company better known for their motherboards and graphics parts - ASUS.  Nonetheless, ASUS have been an occasional entrant to the CPU cooling market in the past, and now here they are again with their latest design, the rather svelte-looking Arctic Square.  Don't go away if you're an AMD user just yet either, for this cooler also supports Socket 939 and AM2 CPUs as well as Intel's LGA775 parts.  So, without further ado, let's take a look at this sexy beast.  The CPU cooler, that is.  Ahem.

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