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Written by Hanners   
Wednesday, 13 June 2007 01:00
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Apple Safari 3 public beta preview
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Apple Safari 3 public beta preview

Just when you thought there was no room for any more Internet browsers in the Windows/PC marketplace (if you can call it that, now they're all free these days), there's a new kid in town.  This isn't just some unheard of young upstart trying to grab some column inches from the big boys either.  That's right, if you didn't hear the surprising news from their WWDC conference just a couple of short days ago, the latest iteration of Apple's Safari browser, previously only bundled with their MacOS Operating System, is being made available for Windows.  Not just at some unspecified point in the future either - A public beta of Safari 3 was released for both MacOS X and Windows XP/Vista on the day of the announcement.

The biggest focus of Apple's presentation where they talked up Safari (its usability as an application base for their forthcoming iPhone aside) was all about speed, with the company claiming that it is significantly faster at rendering most content.  Of course, this piqued our curiosity here at Elite Bastards, so without further ado we grabbed a copy of the beta (being sure to avoid the version that comes bundled with iTunes) and set about putting it up against the other major Windows-based Internet browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

So, grab your blunderbuss, pick up your best hunting hat, and let's go on a safari!

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