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Written by Hanners   
Thursday, 07 June 2007 01:00
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Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W power supply review
Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W power supply&heading=Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W power supply
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Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W power supply review

It seems like only yesterday that enthusiasts sat flabbergasted and shaking their heads at the prospect of a graphics card coming with a recommendation to be used alongside a 300 Watt power supply.  "Where will it all end?" they cried "Before we know it we'll be needing 1 Kilowatt power supplies in our high-end systems!".

How prophetic such comments turned out to be - Here we are, just a few short(ish) years later, reviewing a 1,000 Watt power supply here at Elite Bastards.  Now, to be fair, you don't desperately need 1,000 Watts of power to run even the most power-hungry systems currently on the market, but the fact that such PSUs exist at all is testament to the ever growing requirements of enthusiast level systems, despite the best efforts of some companies to switch their mantra to one based around performance per Watt.

Anyway, now is the time to put these complaints of ridiculous power consumption to one side (for the time being at least) and concentrate on the job in hand - Today's review.  We last took a look at a power supply from Thermaltake's Toughpower series almost a year ago, way back in July 2006, when we examined their 600 Watt offering.  As well as offering an additional 400 Watts of juice, the part we're looking at today also features a modular design and even more connectivity to bring it up to speed with all the latest standards, enough to make it a potentially mouth-watering prospect for any cutting edge enthusiast.  So, does it live up to its billing?  Let's check it out.

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