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Written by Hanners   
Monday, 06 November 2006 00:00
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Inside Futuremark - Tour and interview
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Inside Futuremark - Tour and Interview

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I'm sure that I don't need to write any long, rambling introduction to fill you in on the world of Futuremark - Amongst the enthusiast (and indeed wider) community their name is ubiquitous, and synonymous with the world of PC benchmarking, and 3D graphics benchmarking in particular, that they represent.  Whatever your take on the various iterations of 3DMark and the controveries that have surrounded them in more recent times, you can guarantee that one of the first questions you'll hear asked upon the release of a new graphics board, or when a friend or colleague upgrades their system, is "What's your 3DMark score?"

With that reputation in mind, it is with a great sense of excitement and honour that we took the opportunity to send two of Elite Bastards' intrepid reporters (known as Jollemi and Mendel for your forum-goers out there) to Futuremark's head office in Espoo, Finland, where not only were they given a tour of the building which has seen the development of all those various versions of 3DMark, but also got the opportunity to interview Futuremark's very own Nicklas Renqvist on a whole host of different subjects related to the company.

So, read on as our daring duo relieve their experiences of a day in the company of Futuremark, and revel in their question and answer session, aiming to get to the heart of questions posed by our staff and readers.

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