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Written by Hanners   
Tuesday, 22 August 2006 00:00

Pose your questions to FutureMark

In the coming few weeks, some members of the Elite Bastards team will be spending a day at FutureMark's headquarters and research and development office in Espoo, Finland, where they'll get to take a look around and talk to the brains behind such hugely popular benchmarking tools as PCMark, SPMark and, of course, the ubiquitous 3DMark.

As part of this visit to FutureMark, we're offering you, our loyal readers, the chance to submit some questions for us to pose to the FutureMark crew - Anything you want to know about the company, its products and so on, now is the chance to ask.

Naturally, we won't be able to ask all of the questions you submit, nor will we be asking anything deemed offensive or covered by NDAs, so think long and hard about what you want to know.  If you can think of anything interesting and incisive to ask FutureMark, then make your way over to this forum thread (yes, you'll need to be a registered Elite Bastards forum member - A small price to pay methinks!) and submit your question/s.

You'll be able to see the results of our interview, along with photos and insight from FutureMark HQ, once the visit is over and the article assembled, so stay tuned to Elite Bastards to see if your question was asked, and indeed, answered.

So, now that's all out of the way, put your thinking caps on and fire away with the questions!

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