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Written by Hanners   
Wednesday, 16 August 2006 00:00
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Cyberlink PowerDirector 5 Premium review
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Cyberlink PowerDirector 5 Premium review

Since the introduction of the Internet as a tool available to all and sundry, both online communication and entertainment have undergone radical changes.  The initial success of the Internet was, largely speaking, all down to its ability to handle text - Be it simple web pages or, perhaps more importantly, e-mail.  As time went on and connection speeds crept upwards, communicating via images became the de facto standard, as web pages became crammed with irritating animated GIFs and e-mails with endlessly regurgitated memes.  Then came Napster, bringing with it a new revolution as the masses realised that there was music aplenty there to be downloaded and enjoyed relatively quickly and easy (not to mention for free, if you knew where to look).

But, just as video killed the radio star (or, at least, gave it a rather bloody nose), so times are changing once again online.  We now live in a world where broadband and always-on, high-speed Internet access is available to the masses rather than the select few, while the introduction of what has rather stupidly been coined 'Web 2.0' has made it easier than ever before to have a 'voice' of your own online, be it via 'Blogging, MySpace or LiveJournal.  However, words simply aren't enough any more.  Pictures and music are great, but can they tell the world everything about us?  No, the masses say.

Which is why we are now stood at the brink of a video revolution.  Millions of us have the ability to create our own videos - Perhaps not via a full on camcorder, but instead via more basic recording capabilities in our mobile phones, PDAs and digital cameras.  And we love it - Recording our friends being stupid, dancing like morons, getting drunk - Constant moving snapshots of 21st century life in the Western world.  These slithers of our life are no longer recorded simply for our own reminiscences, or to show our families... We want to share the minutiae of our life with the world.  Enter Google Video, YouTube, and the plethora of other sites that have jumped on the bandwagon of providing the masses of storage and bandwidth needed to store and easily make available a myriad of videos from tens and hundreds of thousands of users.

Despite the ease of use of such sites, there is still one major stumbling point in this chain - Editing and producing decent-looking video clips for yourself.  Which brings us to the subject of today's review, courtesy of Cyberlink and the latest product in their PowerDirector series - PowerDirector 5 Premium.  There's more to this package than simply helping you to capture and edit video however - This product is the first to boast direct integration with the popular YouTube video upload site we mentioned earlier.  So, how does it fare in the hands of a video editing beginner?  Read on to find out.

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